Bred Into Suffering

by Plagued By Humanity

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released June 27, 2015

Music by Plagued By Humanity

Recording, Sound Design, Mixing, and Mastering by Robert Lugo at DBB Records in Fort Wayne, IN



all rights reserved


Plagued By Humanity Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Track Name: Divine Oppression
Baptize me in blasphemy.
I turned my back on the goat and sheep.
The crucified has been denied
by all but the fucking blind.

Afraid to move.
Afraid to speak.
Delusional humanity.
I feel no guilt.
I wear no leash.
I will die...
Your god...
an anomaly.
A bastard of...
guilty fucking dreams.

Freedom through hatred.
Freedom through disgust.
Freedom through distrust.
Freedom knows no gods.

See/no god.
Speak/no god.
Fear/no god.
There/is no god.

Bear no cross on my grave.
I refuse die a slave.
Track Name: Terror Network
Generations going blind.
Products of the hive mind.
Victims of mass illusion/
Mass media fucking confusion.
Censored truth dilution.
Televised mind pollution.

Conditioned thought.
Fucking forged control.
Preach it enough.
Create masses of fools.

The weak will believe
anything that they read.
Too lazy to search for truth
in the shit they see.

I can't sit by and justify venomous serpent's spreading lies.
Bullshit peddled to the ignorant as truth. Soak it in and we all lose.
Cut out their tongues and bleed them dry. Mass media black out. Their demise.
Track Name: Closet Burners
Faith based weakness.
Religious fear.
Justified ignorance.
Blessed by gods.

Unclean unnatural attraction.
Disgusting twisted fornication.
Fucking betrayal of creation.
Most hated abomination.

And their love is what you fear.
With god as your scapegoat.
Their sex is your burden.
With hell as your scapegoat.

Unjust fucking hatred.
Unjust fucking fear.

Bury the fucking faggot haters.
Track Name: Bred Into Suffering
Worthless fucking man.
It can't get much worse anymore.
We all suffer.
Shattered right down to the core.
We're all broken.
Life seems like it's ran it's course. leeches.
At the mercy of traitors and whores.

Violent scenes surround us.
Adapt just to survive.
Self destructive nature.
You pay a life for an eye.
Acceptance is a sickness.
Created by those waiting to die.

Consequence of convenience.
Consequence of dependence.
Consequence of ignorance.
Consequence of negligence.

How long will you stand for this?
The mental weakness of the dependent mass.
Force fucked by those who empower...
those sent to execute us.

Thrown into chaos.
Cursed by insanity.
Bred into suffering .
Betrayed by humanity.