Bred Into Suffering

from by Plagued By Humanity



Feat. Kyle Mertz


Worthless fucking man.
It can't get much worse anymore.
We all suffer.
Shattered right down to the core.
We're all broken.
Life seems like it's ran it's course. leeches.
At the mercy of traitors and whores.

Violent scenes surround us.
Adapt just to survive.
Self destructive nature.
You pay a life for an eye.
Acceptance is a sickness.
Created by those waiting to die.

Consequence of convenience.
Consequence of dependence.
Consequence of ignorance.
Consequence of negligence.

How long will you stand for this?
The mental weakness of the dependent mass.
Force fucked by those who empower...
those sent to execute us.

Thrown into chaos.
Cursed by insanity.
Bred into suffering .
Betrayed by humanity.


from Bred Into Suffering, released June 27, 2015
Music by Plagued By Humanity

Recording, Sound Design, Mixing, and Mastering by Robert Lugo at DBB Records in Fort Wayne, IN



all rights reserved


Plagued By Humanity Fort Wayne, Indiana

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